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We do the installation of your garage door(s), door openers, and all the parts that come with them, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial.


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Are you in charge of garage door installations? No problem. You can get the doors and all the parts necessary for your installation from us.


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You have a problem with your garage door ? Our maintenance and repair departments is there to bring your smile back at a competitive price.


We install the best garage doors since 3 generations.

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At Sabourin Garage Doors, now at your service for over 35 years, we offer you a multitude of services and products. Garage doors, door openers, parts of all kinds, etc. Installation, maintenance, sale. We work in a vast territory; West Island, Montérégie and the surrounding area, Laval and the South Shore.


Over the years, we have acquired several fine contracts. We have gained a good reputation thanks to the quality of our work done over the years and our products. Whether you need a garage door for residential, commercial or industrial building, we will be happy to work with you with professionalism.


Contact us now ! Free estimate !

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We remain professional in all contracts we work on. In addition, you will have a guaranteed quality of work.

Competitive prices

Our prices are the best of the market. You can trust us that the amount you will pay for your garage door will be unbeatable.

Our experience; our expertise

With more than 15 years of service, we have gained undeniable experience and brilliant expertise in the field of garage doors.

What our customers have said

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